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2019 (1-2)

70th Anniversary of the Geneva Conventions (70 Jahre Genfer Konventionen)
  To read the open access article "The Humanisation of International Law – International Humanitarian Law’s Impact on Public International Law" by Hans-Joachim Heintze, please follow this [link].  
2018 (3-4)

Mittel und Methoden der Konflikt- und Kriegsführung (Means and Methods of (armed) conflicts)

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  To read the open access article "The Educational Value of International Humanitarian Law Clinics: The Examples of Leiden and Bochum" by Robert Heinsch and Lotte Chevalier, please follow this [link].
2018 (1-2) Waffen und Menschenrechtsschutz (Weapons and the Protection of Human Rights)