Objectives and Content

The journal 'Journal of International Law of Peace and Armed Conflict' (JILPAC)
('Humanitäres Völkerrecht – Informationsschriften', HuV-I) is the leading German journal
for research on international humanitarian law, human rights and peace-keeping law.

The journal is unique among German publications; it reaches however beyond Germany as it also
features articles in English. Thus, it was recognized in projects of the United Nations (UN) and the
International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), as well as in publications in Germany, Austria,
Switzerland and other countries.

The content of the journal mainly consists of scientific essays on the implementation of international
humanitarian law, human rights and peace-keeping law. Main topics in the past were the Gulf War,
the conflict in
former Yugoslavia, rights of children, the protection of cultural goods, the development
of international 
criminal justice, 9/11, the war in Iraq, the Caucasus, the war in Afghanistan, the war
in Lebanon, the
Global War on Terrorism, the debate concerning the prohibition of cluster munitions,
climate change and peace and security, etc. 
One of the aims of the journal is to combine academic
examination and practical usefulness for the 
dissemination of international humanitarian law. For this
reason, every issue focuses on the  
dissemination work of the German Red Cross as well as on recent
international law and case law.
Further contributions are reviews of conferences, judgements and new

The journal is published quarterly by the German Red Cross – Headquarters and the IFHV. About 700
exemplars are printed each time. The journal was founded in 1988 and is addressed to lawyers,
members of humanitarian organizations and everyone who is interested
in the legal and political

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